3 Questions Can Change Your Life.

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As a Life Coach and Certified Health Coach, and a Massage Therapist of over 15 years, I know that our happiness plays an integral part in keeping us healthy.

IIn order to give our peak performance, we need to be happy in our relationships, bodies, work and spiritual lives. To be happy in these aspects of our lives, takes just a bit of thought and energy, and the pay off is quick, many fold and lasting.


I offer a fun and easy process, of just 3 questions, that will put you on the right track, to mapping out your most joyful path to ultimate wellness. These changes will be quick and easy, and even fun, and coaching can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Your new found joie de vivre will be magnetic, and will attract others to you, who also care about being happy and healthy into their old age. With those new relationships, will come novel experiences, and opportunities, making your gift of coaching, to yourself, the gift the keeps on giving.


Call me to begin this new and exciting journey to Optimal Wellness, Today!


blog talk radio, intutitive live coaching tips from me. Listen for prizes, information on professions you didn't know existed, advice on living daily with greater ease and enjoyment, or be on my show if you know something that could help your neighbors in Marin/Sonoma.

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perfect day massage

Transformational Massage Therapy

Let's transform you life, by boosting your massage with some coaching, and hypnotic somatic therapy. Your subconscious will become your ally on your journey to joyful whole life wellness, in a three part program called: Let's Make Your Ideal Real.

For coaching without a commitment, check out my next workshop.

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