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I can't thank Sue enough for all the help and peace of mind she has given me through the years, since we met at my nephew's 3rd birthday, three years ago.


I highly recommend Sue's intuitive insights for any aspect of your life.


Thank you Sue for all your help Love and Light
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I have worked with Acupuncturists, Nutritionists, and Homeopaths. Each of them made it clear that the Body/Mind connection has a much more profound impact on our lives than we tend to realize. I will share some links below, to articles that might interest you, as they are based on study findings that illustrate the body-mind connection.

before you start, helpful documents

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links to the articles:

The Connection Between Mind And Body

The Mind-BODY Connection: Granny Was Right, After All

More Scientific Evidence For The Mind-Body Connection

And here is a link to my massage website, in case you would like to make an appointment for a massage or to satisfy your curiosity about what type of massage I do.

And here are some links to my other favorite sites: - Try this one if you are a parent of a young girl who's self-image needs a bit of a boost. The woman you would contact would be my very good friend and mentor, Helen Greico.

ZoomChess - This one is for fun and to learn the game or to learn how to teach Chess for/to any age. It's the brain child of my wonderfully supportive hubby who also does magic shows for birthdays and other occasions, also for all ages. Call me and I'll put you in touch. - For those who love alternative rock with a Bob Dylan sort of flavor. This is the site of my big brother. - This is a link to my other brother's site and he's into some really cool and rather esoteric stuff. He can make you a great video of your work and post it to your web-site, if you'd like. He'll even come to you. - This is my web guru. He created......or re-created the Perfect Day Massage web-site, and created this one. - This will get you to the web-site of my own Life Coach and very good friend of many years.

A resources page-

books that I've found helpful:

100 Ways to Motivate Yourself by Steve Chandler

Ten Commitments to Your Success by Steve Chandler

Making Your Dreams Come True by Marcia Wieder

Getting Real by Susan Campbell, PH.D

The Guide to the Relationship Galaxy for Dates & Mates by Helen L. Greico

Reference Guide for Essential Oils Compiled by Connie and Alan Higley

Self-Love Diet, The Only Diet That Works by Michelle E. Minero

Incredible Business- Expert advice to accelerate your success, Many co-authors, Thrive Publishing

Inspired Style, Many co-authors, Thrive Publishing

Business Success With Ease, Many Co-authors, Thrive Publishing

Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinarire, Many Co-authors, Thrive Publishing

Dr. A's Habits of Health

The path to Permanent Weight Control and Optimal Health, by Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen

people/ orgs:

Betty Jo Waxman of Productive Learning and Leisure

Yes California Bay Area, facebook group

Jan Cercone, RN, MA, CMP
Sound and Light Healing Arts for the new World

Weaving Earth Immersion
Deep Nature Connection, Applied permaculture, Art of Mentoring, Wildlife Tracking, etc

Caterina Rando of Thrive Publishing ,,