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Susan and Pamela say:

Sue has helped me to stop procrastination and from being afraid to take the next step of a new career. She has helped me clarify my goal and to break it down into smaller tasks. She has been supportive, and at the same time challenging me through questions for clarity and a sense of comitTMTent from me to see things through. I find that very helpful. Her compassion and understanding comes through loud and clear over the phone. She has offered helpful suggestions as well as to how to begin some of the smaller tasks.

Susan Seats.

Susan Seats




I was able to consider my challenges and goals in a new light.


Pamela Aares, Author


Here is some information on how I coach clients, how to get the most out of coaching, the benefits of working with a coach, and a few of my policies.


Welcome and congratulations on your decision to live a life of Joyful Wellness!

Here is your choice of packages:

$175. for the Quick-Starter Package: Includes three 30- 45 minute phone sessions, three 10- 15 minute Hypno- Transformative Massages, and 2 tune up calls per month. (This is a 3 month pkg).

$395. for the Shooting Star Transformational Massage Therapy Package: Includes six 30-45 minute phone sessions, 3-5 tune- up calls, and two 10- 15 minute Hypno- Transformative Massages a month. (This is a 6 month pkg).

Both packages include:

Access to positive subliminal downloads, money back guarantee if not satisfied with results after 3 month trial period, and month by month money back guarantee there-after.

Follow-up calls and notifications of events that would be of interest to those working on improving their lives and their over- all health.


How it works:

Step 1. Getting to know you session: 30-45 mins. This often includes a tarot reading, to help us pick a starting point or two.
Step 2. We start making some changes to the aspects of your life, where we've decided it will do the most good. (Sometimes small changes can have awesome effects).
Step 3. I give you appropriate subliminal resources and we make a follow-up date(s) which can include phone consultations, email and 10 to 15 minute HYPNO-TRANSFORMATIVE MASSAGE:

Hypno- Transformative Massage: A short massage session for the purpose of releasing negative thought and behavior patterns, that involves guided imagery, and gentle manipulation and palpation of the head.

If you do decide to work with me, after you read this page please navigate to the "resources" page and fill out the forms and questionnaire and email them back to me, along with the Coaching Agreement.


How I coach:

Like most coaches, I approach coaching with the premise that each client is fully capable of generating their own best ideas and solutions. What makes me different from other coaches, is that I approach coaching looking for the element of fun that will enrich my clients' lives, long after they have finished their work with me.

How to get the most out of coaching:

1. Be honest about your level of commitment. I'm here to bolster your self confidence, as you work toward creating your ideal life and life- style. If something's not working for you, I want to know so that I can help you find something that works.

2. Commit to yourself, FIRST. When you hire me, as you're coach, I'm committed to YOU. You'll get the most bang for your buck, if you make decisions based on what is going to make YOU happy, rather than the people around you.

3. Know that I will only disclose information about our sessions to others, if I feel that you are in danger or are a danger to yourself or others.

Payment policy: Satisfaction is guaranteed, or you money is refunded, without question. Half payment or more will be due when you begin your first coaching package. A credit card # will be taken, and used only by client permission, and in the event that client misses a session without 24 hour notice.

There is a 10% discount for paying the total cost of a package, up front.